Andela to lay off 400 staff across Africa, confirms $50M in revenue


Africa-focused tech talent accelerator Andela will cut 400 junior engineers across Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, Chief executive and co-founder Jeremy Johnson said the move will impact junior engineers as the company focuses on boosting its senior talent. “This shift in demand also means that we now have more junior talent than we are able to place,” he said in a statement. “This is a challenge for the business, and for these junior engineers who want and deserve authentic work experiences that we are not able to provide.” Approximately 250 junior…

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Uber Is Expanding To Ghana, Tanzania And Uganda

Dar es Salaam

Uber is branching out to more African countries. The car-hailing company said that it plans to start operating in the capitals of Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania within a month, AP reports. With operations in Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria and five cities in South Africa, this move will further increase their presence on the Continent. Uber’s existence in Africa has not been a smooth journey. It has been met with resistance from existing taxi drivers who deem it as competition. Incidences in Kenya of Uber drivers being…

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