Uber Is Expanding To Ghana, Tanzania And Uganda

Uber Africa launches Uber Cash in partnership with Flutterwave

Uber is branching out to more African countries. The car-hailing company said that it plans to start operating in the capitals of Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania within a month, AP reports. With operations in Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria and five cities in South Africa, this move will further increase their presence on the Continent.

Uber’s existence in Africa has not been a smooth journey. It has been met with resistance from existing taxi drivers who deem it as competition. Incidences in Kenya of Uber drivers being attacked have been rampant. Across the continent, similar incidences have been reported with some metered drivers feeling like they are being robbed by the company.

The company  on the other hand is trying to make changes that will see it cement its friendship with metered drivers and local authorities. In South Africa,the company is experimenting with cash payments in addition to the electronic payment system in it’s app. Cash payments have been successful in other countries such as Kenya. In Uganda, Uber is experimenting with digital mapping where instead of street addresses, there are actual images of locations.


 In Kenya, as Techmoran reported, Uber  yesterday announced that they were partnering with Sidian Bank to set aside a Ksh 10 billion kitty that would be lent to driver-partners and business interested in running their business with Uber. The program, Uber Vehicle Solutions Programme is open to both new and existing drivers and it will help them get new cars so that they can grow their Uber businesses.


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