Safaricom’s Zuri Migrates from Facebook to WhatsApp


Zuri, has migrated from Facebook messenger to Whatsapp. Facebook, still a top tier app in Kenya in terms of popularity, is not Kenya’s most popular conversation and chatting app. In that regard, Whatsapp is. Hence the reason why Safaricom have moved Zuri to Whatsapp. Allowing more Kenyans to access it, and use the chatbot to its full capabilities.

Through the creation of Safaricom’s chatbot, the precedence of AI in Kenya has taken a new turn. With Safaricom being the trail blazer in a constantly changing Kenyan tech space, AI has remained at the forefront of the shape Kenya’s tech landscape aims to emulate. With the intelligence level of a high tech computer program, to learn and think, the very definition of AI now involves a program doing something that we would normally think would rely on the intelligence of a human.

With the ability to revolutionize any professional sector, AI boasts a reduction in human error, is available 24/7 (much like Zuri) and is highly advanced in the space of interacting with users, saving the need for actual humans to perform repetitive tasks. This is Zuri’s strong point, a chatbot that allows for a more streamlined experience with customer queries and and requests.

The Zuri chatbot currently does a couple of things. She can help you with:

  • M-Pesa Reversals
  • Unsubscribing from annoying promo texts
  • Bill Payments
  • Balance Checks and
  • Airtime topup- where you can top up from M-Pesa or Scratchcard
  • Safaricom Home internet stuff,
  • and other services like Mshwari, KCB Loan.

You can go ahead and chat with Zuri by messaging +254 722 000100 on Whatsapp.

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