Twitter to broadcast live video 24 hours a day

Twitter is making a play to dominate even more of your time by streaming live video around the clock. The social networking platform is hoping to land deals for streaming pay TV channels on its site and apps. Users have to subscribe to existing TV service for this to work, but it would be much more powerful.

“We will definitely have 24 hours  a day content on the platform,” Twitter’s Anthony Noto said during an extensive interview about the company’s live video strategy last week. “Our goal is to be a dependable place so that when you want to see what’s happening, you think of going to Twitter.”

Twitter is making its first appearance at the NewFronts event (at which media companies show their programming to advertisers), and is expected to introduce some of its new shows. But not all of these are likely to be the kind of glossy, HBO-esque shows services like Netflix are picking up.

Indeed, Noto says the end result may be closer to the kind of dip-in, dip-out programming you get on rolling news networks or always-on sports channels. “Focus in on it when you hear something that’s of interest, but then maybe not be 100 percent focused on it when it’s not of interest,” Noto said. “I did that myself during the debates.” Broadcasts of this kind are already appearing on Twitter, including sports highlights and news talk shows.

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