Eight most influential Women in the Tech Scene

Its still considered a man’s world, a Male dominated arena. However, the global technology industry has plenty of women in leading roles. Many of the influential women have invested in innovate companies both locally and abroad in a bid to change the several perceptions on women in technology. As of now, Women are playing some major roles in the tech scene as opposed the previous perceptions. From roles in the financial and HR departments, women have taken senior posts in tech giant companies and have as well created a voice…

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Statista analyses Sandberg’s eighth anniversary at Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg

In 2008, Facebook was still a startup. Early investors were excited about its user growth — Microsoft had put $240 million into the company at a crazy-seeming $15 billion valuation the year before. BusinessInsider reports Mark Zuckerberg  CEO and founder then hired Sheryl Sandberg, then the VP of global sales and operations at Google, to help run the company as its chief operating officer. Today is Sandberg’s eighth anniversary at the company, and this chart from Statista shows it all. Facebook has grown its revenue more than 65x, gone from a $56…

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