Singapore to launch QR based SG-Verify for businesses to perform secure ID verification and data transfer


The Singapore government says it will introduce a tool that enables businesses to verify user identity and transfer data via QR codes, giving them another way to facilitate customer acquisition and visitor registration at events. Called SG-Verify, the new platform is one of several the government has been planning for deployment this year as part of its smart nation efforts.

The National Digital Identity (NDI), for instance, would serve as a common digital credential for citizens who transacted with the public sector and businesses. The latter group could tap the NDI to build new services and enhance user experience as well as security of their existing services, according to GovTech, which is the government agency responsible for Singapore’s smart nation and public sector’s ICT initiatives.

Slated for release by the third quarter of 2019, SG-Verify would facilitate any use cases that required identification, GovTech said in a statement Tuesday.

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