Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of the iPhone


Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of the iPhone on January 9th. The company posted a press release today marking the occasion.

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs took to the stage at Macworld 2007 to introduce a device that would become Apple’s most recognizable and successful product: the iPhone. To celebrate the anniversary, Apple launched a tribute page dedicated to the famous handset.

The press release quote that iPhone has enriched the lives of people around the world with over one billion units sold. It quickly grew into a revolutionary platform for hardware, software and services integration, and inspired new products, including iPad and Apple Watch, along with millions of apps that have become essential to people’s daily lives

Much of Apple’s post is dedicated to the features and hardware found in the iPhone 7/7 Plus, which, while still a great phone and technically impressive, disappointed many Apple fans with its lack of innovation, similarities to the previous year’s model, and missing headphone jack.

Despite its shortcomings, the newest iPhone was the top-selling US smartphone in the three months ending October 2016, taking a 10.6 percent share of the market – despite only being available for seven weeks out of that 12-week timeframe. Admittedly, though, some of its success could be attributed to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 nightmare.




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