Samsung set to release a new outdoor surveillance cam

Complete with 1080p video resolution, livestreaming capabilities, two-way talk, a 130-degree field of view, and night vision, the new samsung surveillace cam will cost $199.99.

This new camera’s features are the same as the company’s more expensive, already released outdoor cam. Both versions support night vision and motion detection. They also record Full HD-quality video and connect over Wi-Fi. The key difference between the two appears to be design. The original camera looks like a classic surveillance device with a left to right swivel head. The new camera looks more like a Nest Cam, particularly with its adjustable base.

The Nest team super-sized the power adapter for the Nest Cam outside version, and extended the power cable to roughly 25 feet. A magnetic disk gives you an instant base plate when it makes contact with a gutter or another obliging surface. And since the palm-sized Nest Cam Outdoor has a magnetic backing of its own, outdoor installation sounds really simple.

While Person alerts won’t be able to distinguish between specific people and strangers like the ArcSoft Simplicam or the Netatmo Welcome, the Nest Cam is as well supposed to be able to tell the difference between a face and something else, like a passing car. Maxime Veron, Nest’s director of hardware product marketing, said in an interview that the Nest Cam Outdoor might be able to distinguish among more things in the future, too.

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