Nigerians Take The Lead In Mobile Online Shopping

Online Shopping

When compared with other countries in the continent, Nigerians take the lead when it comes to mobile online shopping, local retailers or foreign notwithstanding. A research conducted by Ipsos in Nigeria indicates that this trend is not likely to wane anytime soon. Nigerians love mobile commerce.

The research conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Paypal shows that Nigerians are the keenest shoppers on the African continent. 72% of these shoppers use their smartphones to shop. This places Nigeria after China(86%) and India (82%) when ranked according to incidences of shopping through smartphones. Nigeria’s percentage is uite high considering that the global average across the 29 surveyed markets is 47%.

Efi Dahan,PayPal’s General Manager Africa and Israel, says:

“Nigerian online shoppers have realised that the world is their shopping mall when it comes to buying what they need and want. They are no longer limited to what they can buy domestically, and are confidently scouring the globe for great deals, more choice, high quality and premier brands…And, they are doing so wherever and whenever they want to, using their mobile devices as an essential shopping tool.”

When Nigerians are making cross-border purchases, the most sought after categories include digital entertainment and education, clothing, apparel footwear and accessories, consumer electronics, jewelry and watches, physical entertainment etc. This matches quite closely with what shoppers around the world buy when they purchase things cross-border.

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