Laptop bans on Middle East flights bring mixed reactions.

Fast-growing Middle Eastern airlines have been luring business travelers away from carriers in the U.S., Europe and Asia for years. But they may find the seats in the front of the plane going unfilled after the U.S. and U.K. ijucted laptop bans and other large electronics in the cabin on some flights from the region.

Travelers across expressed frustration Wednesday at a ban on large electronic devices for flights to the US and Britain that has sparked confusion and speculation.

Passengers on flights to the US and Britain from major hubs in Turkey and the Arab world will now have to check in any device larger than a smartphone, including laptops and tablets. Caught in the middle of the ban are thousands of travelers growing increasingly frustrated with what they see as an absurd measure.

European security experts will meet in Brussels next week to assess the restrictions on this laptop bans calling for more information on the intelligence behind the British ban.

The EU commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, plans to speak to the British transport secretary, Chris Grayling, to discuss the UK’s ban on carrying electronic devices larger than a phone in cabin baggage.

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