Kibanda Online: Grocery shopping made easier

Kibanda Online

A new online platform, “Kibanda Online”  has now made buying groceries a task that can be done at the comfort of your home.

The platform is a departure from many online shops whether on Instagram, Facebook or websites  which mainly trade on home appliances, cosmetics and clothes.

The platform is the brainchild of 29-year-old Laurriette Rota.

‘Kibanda’ is a Swahili word meaning stall.

Ms Rota says the idea initially was to help deliver groceries and other items needed regularly by the sick, elderly and physically challenged people who have a hard time getting into shops, supermarkets, stores to buy goods and food.

Now, the online shop has brought on board everyone else who needs to enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

“The online grocery shop was inspired by the idea to get utilities and fresh food products to homes and institutions,” Ms Rota says.

The company, which is currently operating in Nairobi and Mombasa, is run by Ms Rota and her partner Vincent Oenga.

“We do delivers at your convenience and offer prices that are reasonable and pocket friendly,” she says.

The online company was recently launched in Nairobi by Mr Oenga. Operating on just two social media platforms Instagram and Facebook and also a mobile app, the launch cost Sh600,000.

All the platforms operate by the name Kibanda Online. Once you click the social media links, you get contact numbers where you place an order for the goods you want to buy, and they will be delivered to your location.

“It’s currently operating on social media links. The mobile app had some technicalities and we pulled it down to upgrade it, but it will be out and functioning again by February,” the entrepreneur tells Digital.

Despite gaining popularity among the busy urban dwellers, Ms Rota says they still face challenges.

“To get funding for the project was quiet hectic and still is. Also, since we get fresh produce from other towns, transportation sometimes is a challenge,” she says.

“Marketing online is okay but most people need deliveries as soon as possible even to far areas and we are always on toes to maintain a good relationship.”

Ms Rota discloses that they intend to open branches in more towns.

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