Google’s ‘Zeitgeist’ Top Searches For 2013 Revealed

Google has revealed its annual look at the top searches for 2013, and as ever it’s revealing, interesting, and mildly disturbing.

This year Google split the list into the top “trending” searches – IE those with the most intense periods of interest – and “most searched” terms overall.

Among the highlights were the fact that Paul Walker was the top trending search of the year, after his untimely death following a car crash in November, followed by ‘iPhone 5S’ and ‘royal baby’.

The top “What Is?” search was led by “What is Twerking?” while the top trending event of 2013 in the UK was the Grand National, beating out even Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win.

Boris Johnson was the top trending politician, naturally, while “How to make pancakes” was the top trending “how to?” search.

Take a look at the full list of top trending and general searches below, after we run through a visual list of the most searched “what is?” terms – which are, frankly, hilarious. Adapted from

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