Google Gets Rid of 1.7 Billion Bad Ads


Google has reported that it removed 1.7 billion bad advertisements from its various sites in 2016, more than double the prior year’s totals.

The firm took several steps to crack down on the deceptive advertising, including updating its policies to protect users from “misleading and predatory offers.” It also beefed up its technology to help identify misleading ads and remove them, according to Scott Spencer, Google’s director of product management, sustainable ads.

The director noted that free and open Web is a vital resource for individuals and businesses around the world, and advertising plays a role in making sure users have access to accurate, quality online information.

According to the Tech blog, Bad ads have been a big headache for Google and a host of other social media sites and search engines, because they erode the trust they have with their customers and advertisers. The company has disabled more than 5 million payday loan ads in the six months since the ban began

Self-clicking mobile ads were another focus.  More than 23,000 self-clicking ads were detected and removed in 2016, a major increase from 2015, according to the company.

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