BlackBerry, Microsoft and the Ever-Smarter Connected Car


BlackBerry announced that its turnaround was finished, and Microsoft finally provided some information on its new connected car deliverables.

CEO John Chen excitedly pointed out that BlackBerry had displaced Microsoft in Ford and announced a strategic initiative to work more closely with Microsoft’s Azure platform on BlackBerry’s own market-leading QNX car operating system. That showcased not only the massive changes in both companies, but also the really strange way this market is evolving.

With all the focus on the coming autonomous car and on BlackBerry’s old phone business, most don’t know that QNX, the operating system that BlackBerry acquired, is dominant in the car market, largely for car operations.

Acording to Tech Blog, Microsoft has changed a lot over the last several years, since Satya Nadella has been running the firm.

So the company had to set up a special retraining meeting.  The firm’s current effort is to provide the cloud resource for cars, so that updates, maintenance, and even some cloud intelligence can be delivered in order to improve not only the car maker’s connection to the car, but also the driver’s connection to the car maker.

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