Facebook gaming and dating service to be introduced

The world’s most popular social media platform Facebook that almost every person has an account, keeps developing and evolving day by day. Well, according to Reuters, Facebook has launched a dating and gaming feature in Europe.

The online platform Facebook launched the free-to-play cloud gaming feature on its social media platform. This will allows users to stream and play games like “Asphalt 9: Legends” and “WWE Super Card” without downloading them.

The most interesting part is that all the cloud-streamed games would be played on the platform’s gaming tab or on the News Feed.

However, the gaming feature is smaller in scale than the premium cloud-based game streaming services like Google’s Stadia, Amazon’s Luna, which is competing for users in a high-growth market.

The feature will be available to Android and web users, for now, as it is working on alternative options to launch the feature on Apple’s iOS.

“Apple treats games differently and continues to exert control over a very precious resource,” the company said. They are unsure about launching the feature on Apple’s app.

Facebook also added it is launching its dating service in 32 European countries after the rollout was delayed earlier this year due to regulatory concerns.

The social media company had postponed the rollout of Facebook Dating in Europe in February. This was after concerns were raised by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC). The main regulator in the European Union for a number of the world’s biggest technology firms.

The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), said that they were given the launching date, February 13 on short notice. Claiming that they were informed about the launch on February 3.

They did not receive any documentation regarding data protection impact assessments or decision-making processes that had been undertaken.

Facebook Dating was launched in the United States in September last year. It is currently available in 20 other countries.

Kate Orseth, Facebook Dating’s product manager, said users can create and delete a dating profile at any time. This will not delete their main accounts. Users’ first names and ages in their dating profiles will be taken from their Facebook profiles and will uneditable.

Users will have the liberty to share other personal information on their profiles.

If launched in Africa would you consider joining Facebook Dating?

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