Canva introduces Business friendly tools for 2020


Aussie-founded design tool Canva has launched a range of new features, including design kiosks, among its business friendly additions for its 20 million users worldwide.

At its annual staff event dubbed the Canva Season Opener, Canva on Friday (6 December) unveiled several new products and tools through which it hopes to capture an even greater share of the design market for advertising and social media.

Designed with the education sector in mind, but with obvious benefits for business as well, Canva will launch collaborative access to designs in 2020.

Originating from a request by a US schoolgirl who uses Canva on her school newspaper, simultaneous access will allow multiple education and business users to view the same project simultaneously, in the way that other digital programs such as Google Docs do.

Other features to be added to the digital platform include:

  • Canva video – extending the graphic design focus from images to incorporate video design, including templates, a library of stock video and music as well as animation plug-ins.
  • Design Lab kiosks – Canva plans to work with retailers to roll out its design kiosks, which will operate in a similar fashion to photo booths.
  • Additional features to Canva Presentations, including a live Q&A function.
  • The launch of Canva Apps, to allow users to integrate other products into Canva.
  • A new Canva Education product offering, with specific features for schools and universities, given that the education sector comprises 20 per cent of Canva’s user base.

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