Apple Inc. Acquires Beddit, a sleep-tracking company

Apple recently acquired Beddit Sleep Monitor, an app and sleep system designed to monitor daily sleep habits through the iPhone.

As first reported by CNBC, Beddit has updated the privacy section of its website to note the acquisition and confirm that consumer data is now subject to Apple’s own privacy policy. subscribers’ personal data will now be collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy. The company added that users can use Apple HealthKit to connect the Health app to the  app.

“Connecting the Health and Beddit apps is optional, and you control what data flows between the apps,” said the company representative.

The acquisition could point to some sort of official solution to the gap in functionality, or Apple may plan to make use of Beddit’s software and data for future products or features. Or, as with other acquisitions in the company’s past, Apple may simply be buying Beddit out as a way to hire some or all of its engineers. But sleep-tracking is a logical area for Apple to move into, and it’s already expressed some degree of interest in Beddit’s approach by selling the products in its stores.



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