The First Interactive Digital Learning Centre (IDC) In Africa Has Been Launched in South Africa


The first Interactive Digital Learning centre (IDC) in Africa has been launched in Tshwane, South Africa, ItNewsAfrica reports. EON Reality, a Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education and edutainment is behind the Interactive Digital Centre.  The Chairman of EON reality, Dan Lejerskar, said that:

“We’re extremely excited to partner with the City of Tshwane and build an IDC in South Africa…We fervently believe that knowledge is a human right and this aligns perfectly with Tshwane’s goal for greater income equality, creating jobs, and improving educational opportunities.”

This IDC will establish a local AR and VR ecosystem in Tshwane and its Entrepreneur School that will help to develop skilled local resources.It will serve to enhance the local business climate and create jobs. The content and applications created by the Tshwane IDC will further help with vocational skills transfer and improve local STEM education since Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications improve education by showing rather than telling. Moreover, they help students perform better through more engaging learning that serves to improve retention.

Dave Lockwood, Director, Tshwane IDC said that,

“virtual and augmented reality has huge potential across the whole of Africa, as a way to support, but also to transform how we learn complex subjects, such as vocational skills at college and maths and science at school. Language barriers, as well as low literacy levels, tend to reduce how we understand what is being said and taught. By showing a concept, in a way that we can also play with it means that we can “see” what is been taught, hence, we can understand it better and also remember it much longer.”

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