Tech devices in your home could be spying on you


We’re living in a digital world where being connected is critical to almost everything we do. Some of the tech devices inside  homes could be spying on you and tracking every move you make, but there are some things you can do to stop it.

Tech experts say technology today is watching, copying, and even sharing that information and you may not realize it. From teapots to toasters to refrigerators, is your technology spying on you?

Jerry Irvine, a member of Homeland Security’s Cyber Task Force says home technology is the very thing that allowed for a cyber attack of gigantic proportions to take down major websites like Amazon, Paypal and Twitter last week. And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Irvine says other devices can let suspects know if you are home or not. Apps too can lead to trouble. Irvine says with the thousands of them out there, we typically have no one to blame but ourselves for agreeing to the sometimes lengthy and over reaching terms and agreements. All our information could be shared with advertisers because we agree to it.

According to The Denver, Hackers, with access to the camera already installed  in devices, could be tracking users even when the TV appears to be off. Hence, we as consumers and users of this technology need to create enough barriers so the criminals give up fast and protect the society against such crimes.


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