STEM Education given a special place in Rwanda


In a country as rapidly developing as Rwanda, the country’s education goals are clear cut and centralised around ICT, science and girls’ education. Rwanda has given the teaching and learning of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) a special place in the education system. The country has made significant strides in STEM education. In this second part of our series on education, we will turn our attention to what the government has been doing to promote the teaching and learning of science and technology. According to the ministry of education,…

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Co-creation Hub’s Design Lab in Kigali, Rwanda wants to own local problems

The launch of Co-creation Hub’s Design Lab in Kigali, Rwanda last week was important in many ways. The ‘CcHUB Design Lab’ is a revolutionary vision from the hub, and will be key to tackling some of Africa’s socio-economic problems. Designers and engineers at the lab will also be working with scientists from around the world to design solutions for some of Africa’s biggest issues in public health, education, governance, and the private sector. It is often said that “African problems require African solutions,” a phrase coined by Ghanaian economist George Ayittey.…

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