A Startup Has Developed An Artificial Intelligence That Can compete with Google

artificial intelligence

There is something familiar about fears that new machines will takeover human activities. Today, the machinery question is back with a vengeance. The entire tech industry has fallen hard for a branch of artificial intelligence called deep learning.

The AI involves throwing massive amounts of data at a neural network to train the system to understand things like speech and images.The deep learning allows systems to learn and improve by crunching lots of examples rather than being explicitly programmed.

Acording to Forbes, a new startup coming out of stealth called Gamalon , claims it’s developed an AI technique that requires training the system on only a few pieces data while achieving the same levels of accuracy as the exhaustively-trained neural networks.

The technique writes its own code that best explains the data in front of it. The company claims its AI system is 100 times more efficient when benchmarked against Google’s deep learning framework, TensorFlow. Gamalon is letting customers plug its software into Amazon, Microsoft and Google cloud backends.

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