AI Threat Prediction Platform Detects Cyberattacks in Real Time


AI has made great strides in things like computer vision. A new artificial intelligence SaaS application was introduced at the RSA Conference 2017.

The new Threat Prediction Platform by PatternEx is human-assisted. It’s been proven that this approach produces around five times less false positives while at the same time detecting ten times more the attacks than other detector solutions Trendin Tech reports.

What makes PatternEx’s solution so different is that it uses technology known as “Active Contextual Modeling (ACM).” This technology has the ability to synthesize analyst intuition into predictions that can be used by customers across the globe to enable them to learn from one another as well as create a kind of attack pattern detection network.

As well as offering a free trial period for this application, other features of the AI SaaS application include active learning loop where human input is incorporated in real time, automata model updates, AI models tunes to detect C2 communications, and instant visibility in those behavior found in the existing NGFW logs.

To address these new IT security realities, organizations need to have confidence these providers are implementing the proper security controls. They also need to develop a comprehensive approach for addressing the security challenges that come with relying on third-party computing and applications, even though the user and data may never traverse the organization’s own network or data centers.

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