Microsoft will no longer force updates on Users

Windows 10 will no longer automatically take control of your computer, and flip the reset switch, at the worst moments imaginable. Mind you, Microsoft will still push updates, and it won’t necessarily be easy to completely turn them off.

Shortly after Windows 10 rolled out, Windows users began noticing that their computers were automatically downloading the huge Windows 10 update file without even asking. The issue was compounded by vague and confusing update alerts that led many users to initiate the upgrade to Windows 10 without realizing it.

Microsoft has since apologized for going “too far” with the upgrade strategy, and says that it has “learned a lot” from the drama that followed, but a new statement in response to German lawsuit goes even further. Microsoft Germany, in response to a lawsuit from a consumer protection group, has pledged to never again engage in background downloading of installation files for operating system upgrades.

The statement is being hailed as “a success for consumer rights.”

Now, your computer will no longer display itty-bitty, easy-to-ignore reminders about an upcoming update, then wrest control away from you when it’s time to install.

Instead, you’ll be greeted by a full-screen, impossible-to-ignore prompt that gives you three options: Restart Now, Pick a time or Snooze. The prompt won’t go away until you pick one.

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