Microsoft dominates with the AI strategy

Microsoft has been in the artificial intelligence (AI) game for a long time.

However, the recent surge in artificial intelligence developments has created an AI land-rush, where it seems like every tech company, including Microsoft, is promising to do more with machine learning and cognitive computing. Last year, the conversation was all about AI chat bots. At Build 2016, CEO Satya Nadella promised them in everything from Skype to HoloLens. The company even launched its own Twitter chat bot, Tay, only to pull it hours later after someone used its burgeoning artificial intelligence against it.

At this year’s Build Developer’s Conference, which kicks off on May 10 in Seattle, the AI focus is potentially less flashy and more focused on mining data for useful, actionable insights and subtle intelligence. Additionally, Anyone who has used Microsoft’s Office productivity suite knows that it has far more features than you could ever use.

Microsoft’s AI can even enrich PowerPoint presentations in ways that most users don’t. A cognitive vision system analyzes photos and auto-generates Alt-Text for them.  It doesn’t always get it right, but Gregersen told me that even that feedback helps improve the AI’s ability to identify future images.

The team is also refining Artificial Intelligence that can tell when presentation text is a process-related and then suggest diagrams that illustrate that process.

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