JuuBike: Streamlining the Kenyan Bodaboda Transport Sector

The Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya recently launched a new app called JuuBike that will connect riders to customers in what the Association says will streamline the industry and inject discipline. The IBCA caught up with its founder who told us more about it.

How can you define the technology sector in Kenya?

JuuBike: The technology in Kenya has been improving rapidly and being adopted by very many different sectors eg, communication,Transport, manufacturing and many others. It has the engine that is driving the Kenyan economy as today almost everything is online.

What made you come up with Juubike?

JuuBike: JuuBike app was the associations idea to improve on security and trust for both the riders and passengers. There have been very many criminal activities that have been linked to bodaboda riders and other to the passengers who take a bike at night posing as customer to the unsuspecting rider then end up by killing the rider and taking his bike.

The system can help track the last customer and help in tracking down the criminals.

Secondly technology is changing very fast in Kenya and it was our duty to move with time and adopt new ways of treating our customers.

Can you walk us through how the App works?

JuuBike: The app is an online app where the rider and passenger download from google play. Then the client can go online request the bike and the nearest rider will hear a ringtone confirming that someone has signaled him or her. The rider will accept the request and go pick up the client or pick the parcel and take it to the destination.

How will JuuBike boost the transport sector in Kenya?

JuuBike: Having fully secured the security and safety of both the rider and the client, many people will gain more confidence in using the bodaboda in Kenya and as an association we will provide many training forums for bodaboda riders in the country.

Has the App been well received?

JuuBike: The app has been received well by the members of the public and the bodaboda riders as several riders have downloaded it.

What is the most rewarding and challenging part of what you do?

JuuBike: The most challenging part is to get funds to train riders on road safety issues, as bodaboda safety association of Kenya our main objective is to make sure all riders in Kenya and members of the public are safe. But many riders have never gone through driving school hence leading to many accidents as they lack clue on road ethics.

The best part is that we are doing our best and registering all members in an online system that also helps in data keeping and tracktracing the riders to reduce on crime.

How else can innovation harness the transport sector?

JuuBike: Its good when people embrace the new technology because it will save on time used waiting for a rider because u can easily call one through the system and continue working as u wait for your rider to come.

What are the challenges of scaling to penetrate more market segments especially within Africa?

JuuBike: Funding is the most challenging part as any new technology needs a lot of advertisement.

What advice would you give to future Tech-preneurs?

JuuBike: They should keep up coming with new ideas that can improve the life of people mostly by adding value to whatever is existing.

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