ISPs argue Web history isn’t “sensitive” they should be able to sell it

Internet providers are continuing to argue that they should be free to share and sell users’ web history without permission because it isn’t “sensitive information.”

“Web browsing and app usage history are not ‘sensitive information,'” CTIA said in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission yesterday. CTIA is the main lobbyist group representing mobile broadband providers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, and Sprint.

The disagreement is around whether internet providers should be treated differently than web companies, like Facebook and Google. Internet providers argue that it’s unfair that the FCC’s rules make them get permission to share your browsing history, since other company’s don’t have to do that.

But consumer advocates rightly point out that, well, no other company can see users web browsing history outside of their own domain. Facebook can see everything you click on inside, for instance, but your internet provider can see nearly every site you visit.

Users web history can be extremely revealing .That can be particularly concerning for people who want or need to access information that’s personally revealing in ways they’d rather not share with the entire world.

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