Google unveils ‘Meet,’ a Hangouts app for businesses

Google recently killed its Hangouts API and said that consumer apps that use it won’t work after April 25th. However, the tech giant has quietly unveiled Meet by Google Hangouts app for businesses, a big part of its strategy to shuffle the Hangouts app towards businesses and away from consumers.

The search giant said last year that it wouldn’t abandon Hangouts, but it’s not clear if it’ll allow consumers to keep using it or push them over to Duo.

The new app supports HD video meetings with up to 30 members rather than 10, lets you dial in to meetings (for enterprise customers only) and join with a single click. G Suite users also get integration with Gmail and Calendar, making it easy to convert a Hangout conversation into a meeting, possibly using the Google Assistant.

To make the product more professional for business users, it recently acquired Sweden’s Lime Audio to improve call quality, particularly on wonky connections. As with recent moves by Facebook and Microsoft, it will likely integrate its Google Assistant bot into the program to help you schedule appointments, exchange contacts and more reports CNET.

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