Google to limit offensive & inaccurate search results

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Google is looking forward to impementing changes to its Search Quality Ratings Guidelines in an effort to limit offensive and inaccurate results on its search engine.

The tech giant has recently updated its Search Quality Rater Guidelines, which human evaluators use to gauge the quality of search results. The updated guidelines provide clearer examples of low-quality results, including “misleading information, unexpected offensive results, hoaxes and unsupported conspiracy theories,” engineering VP Ben Gomes wrote in the blog post. Google has also tweaked its algorithms to prioritize authoritative results.

Human evaluators use the guidelines to rate the quality of search results. As part of the changes, Google introduced a feedback option for users to report when search results are either inaccurate of offensive. 

Google has been in the spotlight for its search results recently as the media tries to combat the spread of “fake news.”

The tech companyis seeking to be more transparent about its search practices, as well, and how its algorithms can deliver outlandish results. The company’s policy on content removal and autocomplete suggestions is now available on its help center page, and more detailed information on search ranking has been added to its “how search works” site.

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