Google to refresh play store

Google has recently started testing a Google Play Store “Refresh” button which allows users to manually check for updates for their Android apps.

The button is a part of a larger set of experimental changes that the Mountain View-based tech giant is currently testing and is only available to select users. Provided that the company greenlights the change, the Refresh button will likely roll out to users worldwide in a few months, presumably during the second quarter of the year.

The video and screenshots showcasing the latest experimental version of the Google Play Store user interface can be seen below, courtesy of Android Police.

With the new layout, users get an Updates tab where you can see what updates are available, an Installed tab that lists everything on your device, a Library tab that shows everything you’ve ever downloaded, and a Beta tab. That Updates tab also now adds in an Update All button so you don’t have to individually tap every single app in order to install an update, or, if you prefer, you can just tap the Update button on each individual app.

The Installed page also now allows you to sort apps in a few different ways, including alphabetically, by the last time it was updated, by the last time you used it, or by size.

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