Google kills off the Captcha Feature

The online tests to check whether you’re a human or a robot  have been a necessary evil, but Google is finally killing them off in their current form.

For some time now, Captcha has served as the primary way of telling humans and robots apart on the internet. It made sure that the person looking to access a website was actually a human being – ensuring that robots couldn’t be used to send spam or flood a website with requests.

However, the technologies have become more complex and robots have gradually become too clever for the often simple tests . Google now says that its Captcha technology has become so clever that it doesn’t even need to interact with humans at all. Instead, it can tell straight away whether it is dealing with a robot – and if it thinks it isn’t, it will just let people straight through.

According to Google, the “invisible CAPTCHAs” are powered by “advances in a combination of machine learning and advanced risk analysis that adapt to new and emerging threats”.

The system analyses your browsing history to identify signs of bot-like behaviour. It’s clever stuff which should hopefully lead to a smoother, less obstructed browsing experience.

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