Facebook’s new messenger V1.2 makes shopping easier


Facebook Launched its latest attempt to drive e-commerce sales on its messaging platform messenger app, which is available as a stand-alone mobile app, as well as within the Facebook desktop site reports The Internet Retailer.

When a retailer creates an ad that will appear within the Facebook news feed, the merchant can now drive a consumer to open Messenger when the shopper clicks the ad’s call-to-action button, such as Shop Now or Learn More

As part of a new update to its popular messaging app, Facebook as well brought masks, effects, stickers and filters with a revamped “Messenger Camera.” As an update to the current Messenger app, which is rolling out today to users around the world, Facebook is making the camera a more integral part of the app’s experience.

The new messenger platform V1.2 allows customers to click on ads and interact with retailers when making purchases.

According to the Daily tech, Users are guided through the chat process by chat bots which help with the purchasing details and the process of payment. The chat bots communicate to customers in real time eliminating the need for dialogue via phone conversation or email. All this can be done right from messenger’s chat window.

This clearly indicates the as technology develops more services are made easier which further leads to more innovations and creativity around the globe in the technology sector.

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