Facebook Messenger now offers a more dynamic persistent menu for bot developers

Facebook has released a Messenger platform update giving bot developers greater flexibility and control over how they want the app experience to be for users.

Included in version 1.4 is a redesigned persistent menu that supports multiple nested items and allows better workflows and experiences, thanks to its integration with webviews. Developers can access this capability today, but it will become visible to users over the next two weeks.

In addition, Facebook has also launched new ways to share content within Messenger, updated its customer matching feature for businesses, and enhanced various APIs, including the ones around Messenger profiles, codes, app analytics, and attachments.

The social networking  site has made the Messenger menu more robust. Developers now have the ability to hide the composer and create the experience they want within the conversational app without needing to interpret text inputted by the user.

Facebook Messenger has also improved its customer-matching capability to now incorporate a customer’s first and last name along with the phone number. In doing so, Facebook seeks to improve accuracy so when conversations between business and customer start in SMS and then move to Messenger, businesses will know they’re talking to the same customer.

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