Facebook & Google Move Up On Social Network Creep Index

Google and Facebook gave the anti-social networking crowd new ammunition as they made moves that kicked them up a notch on the social media creep index.

Let’s put it this way: If you were looking for an excuse to give up on these companies, these recent announcements certainly don’t give you good reasons to reconsider staying.

As I define it, the creep index is like the Defcon Warning System of social media. Instead of defining how close we are to nuclear war, it measures just how intrusive and creepy our social media tools are becoming.

Let’s start with Facebook, whose announcement was probably the worse of the two, because it takes away a privacy setting. According to a blog post by Facebook’s chief privacy officer — a title I’m sure Michael Richter wears without a hint of irony — the company is eliminating the option to opt out of Facebook searches. Whether you want to be included or not, if you’re a part of Facebook, you will show up in the network’s search tool. Adopted from internetevolution.com

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