Expanding Internet domain names in China

An organization that coordinates Internet protocols is discussing the future of online domain names in Beijing. In addition to the familiar dot-com and dot-org suffixes, billions more new addresses could be hitting the web, including those using Chinese characters.

China’s new domain name market is attracting experts and stakeholders from around the world.

The non-governmental organization that oversees domain names, the Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is in Beijing to discuss allowing hundreds more suffixes, including those using Chinese characters rather than the western alphabets. With the largest Internet population in the world, China has the potential to drive development in the domain name market.

Sun Yongge, Vice Secretary-General, Internet Society of China, said, “There is still a long way to go for China to participate in developing the Internet. That’s been lacking due to our language and cultural background. So now, we are actively pushing forward the development of internationalized domain names. Chinese domain names can help people better understand and participate in the management of the Internet. ” Adapted from chinadaily.com

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