The barrier to cloud security isn’t the technology

Cloud computing has been around long enough that IT leaders should be facing its weaknesses and well as its strengths. Competent cloud security technology is available, and most IT organizations’ cloud teams are good at finding and using it. But cloud IT doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so having the right approach and technology alone won’t secure cloud operations.

To achieve solid cloud security, departments across IT need to come together, both those that focus on legacy and those that focus on cloud computing.While security remains the top barrier to cloud adoption, a lack of knowledge and experience on the part of IT and business managers is a significant barrier.

In many instances, the groups that build and deploy clouds are decoupled from traditional IT. They have no formal relationship with traditional IT. However, to have effective cloud security, most traditional systems need to be included In the design and deployment.

The weakest security link is typically where the breaches will occur. The security of your public cloud-based systems may be almost perfect, but your traditional systems provide a side door to those systems. Attackers will focus on those often inadvertent side doors.

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