AT&T Launches first 5G Trial For Intel

5G and its multi-gigabit cellular speeds probably won’t hit the market until 2020, but one corporate customer of AT&T has already tasted what it will be like.

AT&T has launched what it believes as the first business customer trial 5G wireless technology, promising to bring gigabit-level internet speeds to smartphones in the long run.

AT&T previously worked with Ericsson to conduct the company’s first public demo, which handled 4K video streaming and real-time camera feeds in speeds of up to 14 Gbps. AT&T has taken the 5G technology it worked on with Ericsson and Intel to begin field tests aimed to mirror real-world situations once it hopefully becomes mainstream.

During the trial, more than 1 Gbps bandwidth will let the operator test multiple enterprise proof of concept use cases. That includes internet access, VPN, unified communications applications and 4K video streams. The trial will showcase the potential of 5G VoIP over the 15GHz and 28GHz spectrum bands.

Interestingly, high internet speed isn’t the only main improvement that will come with the networks. The technology is also being designed for low latency, which is useful for fast reaction times direly needed by autonomous cars. The specification for 5G is slated for completion in 2019, with the first commercial deployments beginning 2020.


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