Apple loses top spot on Laptop Magazine’s best brands ranking for 2017

After taking first place every year since 2010 in Laptop Mag’s survey of the best and worst laptop brands, Apple has dropped to fifth place in the 2017 edition of the survey.

Participants voted on six criteria for each brand, and while Apple scored well on reviews, design and support, it took a beating in value and selection. The tech giant has always sold its laptops at a premium, but in 2017, consumers don’t think they’re worth it.

The online review site evaluates the 10 biggest laptop brands for its annual ranking and decides which offer the best combination of quality, innovation, support, design and value.

“Because of its modest review scores, expensive products and lack of ports, Apple AAPL, -1.08%  fell all the way down to fifth place after receiving top honors every year since the Best and Worst Brands debuted in 2010,” the site wrote.

Lenovo 0992, +0.39%  took top spot with a 90 out of 100 rating, followed by Asus 2357, +1.56%  with 86 out of 100, Dell with 83 out of 100 and HP HPQ, +1.04%  with 82 out of 100]. Apple tied with Acer 2353, -0.70%  with a 78 out of 100 rating, for fifth place on the list.

While Apple tumbled all the way down to fifth, Lenovo shot back up to the top spot from all the way down at fourth in 2016.

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