Apple Gains Support From It’s Greatest Rivals


The last couple of weeks have been interesting in the world of tech, as we are in the throes of what might be the biggest tech battle of the decade. As we had reported last week, Apple was facing pressure from the FBI and the Department of Justice to not only hack into the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone but to also create a permanent backdoor into all future versions of the iOS.

In the beginning, tech enthusiasts declared their support for Apple but now tech giants have gone a mile further in proving their solidarity with Apple. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter have said that they would file amicus briefs and motions to the court declaring that they are supporting Apple. A wonderful move that shows in the face of fire, the rivals can come together and stand with one of their own.

According to CNN, Microsoft Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith said that Apple was right and that the court should not force Apple to hack into the phone. He went on to say that there was need for 21st Century laws that address 21st Century technology issues instead of relying on laws that were made centuries ago.

The magistrate-judge trying the case was majorly relying on the All Writs Act. Apple on the other hand has two major arguments: The First Amendment and the Fifth Amendment. It’s not all bleak for Apple however as just two days ago, a judge sided with Apple over the federal law enforcement agencies in a similar case.

Apple General Counsel, Bruce Sewell said that, “I think that the world is watching what happens right now in our government and what happens even right now with respect to this particular debate.” And he is right. While the case continues, it will be interesting to see which way the wind will blow.

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