10 million users help Microsoft test Windows 10

Microsoft has amassed over 10 million volunteer testers who help the Redmond tech giant to rigorously test and polish the software.

Anyone can sign up to test Windows 10, and now 10 million people are helping Microsoft refine and improve its operating system.

Unlike the development of Windows 7 and Windows 8, the tech giant has remained open about the development process and the expected features that would make a certain Windows 10 version. When the company introduced the program in 2014, it wasn’t expected to get such a huge following.

Unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft didn’t appear to be the kind of “hip” company that would focus so much on user dialog during the creation of an operating system version. However, it certainly is changing its ways with time. Embracing fans and opening up a development process to public scrutiny hasn’t been easy for the popular tech giant. There’s a delicate balance of surprise new features, and the problem of having something out in the wild that’s too buggy for even the hardcore fans to work with.

The tech giant has embraced a culture of listening to feedback, and it has now managed to convince 10 million people to have a voice in something that more than 400 million people use every day.

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