ICANN SARP: 3 new gTLD Applicants submit application for financial assistance

Today, ICANN is publishing the New gTLD Applicant Support Program results identified by the Support Application Review Panel (SARP) for applications that have requested for financial assistance. There were three financial assistance requests submitted to ICANN by applicants to the New gTLD Program. Each of these requests were carefully considered and extensively reviewed against the criteria outlined in the New gTLD Financial Assistance Handbook.

Below lists the three applications that have submitted for financial assistance, and includes the SARP determination for meeting the minimum criteria for financial assistance:

Per the Financial Assistance Handbook, applications that did not meet the threshold criteria for financial assistance will be excluded from further participation in this round of the New gTLD Program, and the evaluation fee deposit of USD 47,000 will be refunded back to the applicant. For the applicant that successfully met all the Applicant Support criteria, ICANN will pay the remaining USD 138,000 in evaluation fees and the application will be forwarded to the New gTLD Program for Initial Evaluation.

As a reminder, it is important to recognize that the evaluation criteria for the Applicant Support Program and the New gTLD Program are different, and the qualification for financial assistance does not guarantee that the application will successfully complete all phases of the New gTLD Program.

For more information, view the Applicant Support Program page on the New gTLD Program’s microsite.


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