IT Security remains a Top Concern for Tech Startups


The increase in the amount of data breaches and cyber attacks have resulted in a rise in the number of conversations surrounding IT security for small businesses.

While the resulting conversation is an important one, all too often small businesses simply don’t have the time to research and understand the onslaught of technological solutions that are available to them. This widespread lack of education is growing as cybersecurity solutions continue to be developed and released at unprecedented levels.

With these challenges in mind, the increase in IT security conversations has resulted in at least one promising outcome: small businesses have just revealed that IT security is now their top concern.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve and grow, small businesses need to focus on the range of technologies that they are using, as well as the day to day complications and issues that arise. Focusing their attention on these entities will help small businesses to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Small businesses need to also ensure that their IT security protocols are up to date as hackers continue to delve into new industries. No longer will hackers be satisfied with a “big win,” instead they will use ransomware or phishing scams to target unsuspecting small businesses whom might not have the hefty cybersecurity measures of a larger entity.

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