Windows 10 privacy settings still worrying European Union

windows 10 privacy

European Union data protection authorities continue to have windows 10 privacy-related concerns, despite microsoft’s efforts to make some tweaks to privacy settings for users of the OS after raised criticism and concerns  last year.

Reuters reports that a group known as Article 29 Working Party, which is made up of the EU’s 28 authorities for protecting data, wrote to Microsoft with its concerns last year.

The issues raised involve the default settings in Windows 10 and a lack of control over how Microsoft processes the data it collects.

According to Tech crunch, Microsoft responded last month with a method to simplify the diagnostic data collection levels, so that it’s clear what telemetry data is being sent back to the company’s servers. Microsoft will introduce a new privacy options set up process, with clearer options for disabling location, speech recognition, diagnostics, recommendations, and relevant ads.

Windows 10 launched back in July 2015, and almost immediately garnered criticism for the use of default settings to harvest large amounts of user-data, such as web browsing history and wi-fi network names and passwords — for purposes including displaying personalized adverts as users browse the web, and even for ads displayed within the built-in Solitaire game.

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