Facebook, Instagram hit by 13hr outage, Zuckerberg not stepping down as chairman

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were yesterday hit by a 13-hour outage that affected some users throughout the world, the company confirmed. The outage comes at a particularly sensitive time when businesses use Facebook and Instagram to promote pivotal Black Friday sales, some of which have already started.

“Earlier today, a server configuration caused intermittent problems across all apps globally creating a degraded experience for users. The issue has since been resolved, we are back to 100 percent for everyone and we’re sorry for any inconvenience,” a Facebook spokesperson told ABC News in an emailed statement.

Users around the world resorted to Twitter early Tuesday to complain about the outages, the systems are back up though.

In other news, when asked if he plans to step down as chairman in the midst of his company’s latest crisis, Zuckerberg answered firmly enough to put that question to rest for now.

“That’s not the plan… I’m not currently thinking that that makes sense,” Zuckerberg told CNN.

The interview, excerpted from a longer Q&A for a CNN series called “Human Code,” hit most of the main questions that critics have raised about Facebook’s failings and Zuckerberg’s unilateral control over the company.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook has rolled out a tool that lets you measure how much time you spend using both the Facebook and Instagram apps.

In the Facebook app on iOS and Android, you can find “Your Time on Facebook” buried in the “Settings and Privacy” menu. Click on More > Settings and Privacy, then scroll down to Your Time on Facebook. There, you’ll get a bar graph of the week, with your usage time displayed by hours and minutes per day, and the average amount of time you spent each day. On Instagram, go to Your Account > More > Settings > Your Activity, and you’ll see the equivalent.

Facebook announced the new dashboards for the Instagram and Facebook apps back in August as part of the “time well-spent” movement that has been sweeping across the tech world.

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