UK Government Crusades To Slash IT Spending

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In a standout presentation at the Jefferies 2013 Global Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in New York this week, the UK government talked about becoming a “very intelligent client.”

Gov.UK was represented on this occasion by COO Stephen Kelly and Chief Procurement Officer Bill Crothers. Describing himself as a “poacher turned gamekeeper,” Kelly — who formerly sat on the vendors’ side of the fence with Chordiant and Microfocus — is now crusading to rein in and rationalize government spending on technology, looking for ₤20 billion ($30.9 billion) in efficiency savings by 2015.

With Crothers’ help, the crusade — that’s what they call it — is on track, with ₤8 billion saved in 2012/13. And the good news, Kelly said, is that “what we’re doing is all about popular cuts.” Restructuring vendor contracts is understandably much more acceptable to the British public than slashing education, healthcare, and welfare benefits. Adapted from

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