AI VS Human News Reporters. Alarming or not?

News reporters

Last year, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua announced the latest addition to its team of news reporters. Qiu Hao, dressed in a pinstripe suit and red tie, made his first broadcast in November. However, unlike his colleagues, the news reporter is not real. “I am the Chinese AI anchor who just joined Xinhua news agency today,” he said, “my appearance and voice are               based on Xinhua news reporter Qiu Hao. But I never need to rest. I offer more than non-stop service 24 hours…

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“Sophia Bekele Scholarship Fund” Pledged on Nazareth School 60th Anniversary-Diamond Jubilee

Sophia Bekele has pledged personal funds of up to 100,000 Ethiopian Birr for the benefit of Nazareth School students. “This amount would be drawn-down and disbursed to the Nazareth School to the most deserving students of the school on the basis of academic excellence and leadership achievement,” She said in her Keynote address to the audience. She is among African Women who are supporting youth development and innovation through ICT, girl child empowerment; encourage them to pursue opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The announcement of the Sophia…

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