Eight most influential Women in the Tech Scene

Its still considered a man’s world, a Male dominated arena. However, the global technology industry has plenty of women in leading roles. Many of the influential women have invested in innovate companies both locally and abroad in a bid to change the several perceptions on women in technology. As of now, Women are playing some major roles in the tech scene as opposed the previous perceptions. From roles in the financial and HR departments, women have taken senior posts in tech giant companies and have as well created a voice…

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Oracle acquires Palerra to upgrade Cloud Security

banking security

Oracle has just concluded the agreement to acquire Palerra last Sept. 18. The move is expected to bolster the company’s push to expand its Identity Cloud Service, which is touted as a next-generation security and identity platform for the cloud. Both companies did not provide any details about the recent acquisition, particularly the cost involved. However, one should remember that Palerra has raised $25 million in funding last year. This figure should provide some insight regarding its value. “Together, Oracle and Palerra will help accelerate cloud adoption securely by providing…

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