Ethena Startup creates a Sexual Harassment Software


Ethena, a software startup, is making it easier to customize sexual harassment training for employees. The company is aiming to make the delicate topic of sexual harassment training more engaging and less uncomfortable for both employees and executives. It believes that something as important as sexual harassment training certainly should not be a cookie-cutter experience. Instead, the software, which is currently set to be released in January of the new year, promises to offer a unique educational experience for each employee and one that just might make them look forward…

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Technology’s Involvement in the Pet Care Industry


The pet industry is a growing industry around the world but mostly in USA. Pet owners keep increasing day by day hence making the industry grow. Silicon Valley seems to have itself a new “pet” project. But it’s not just any kind of project. It is for an industry that is projected to be worth $281 billion by 2023. The pet-related business has been gaining grounds, with sales exceeding $225 billion in North America alone in 2018. Whether the economy is tough or not, owners have to take care of their…

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Kenya ranks 3rd in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 2018 Global Innovation Index

Kenya has won the third place in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2018 coming after South Africa and Mauritius. Kenya achieves high levels of innovation relative to its level of development, a continuous performance since 2011. Strengths for Kenya are access to credit (especially microfinance loans), innovation linkages and exports of creative services, such as R&D financed by abroad, workforce efficiency and printing and other media. Now in its 11th edition, the GII is a detailed quantitative tool that helps global decision makers better understand how to…

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Intellectual Property protection: The key incentive to innovation

Intellectual property rights , patents in particular , are perhaps most critical in industries characterized by high fixed costs of development and low marginal costs of production. Intellectual property (IP) protections are fundamentally about encouraging the innovation that drives human progress. And these protections have been extraordinarily successful contributing to rapid increases in global living standards over the past two centuries The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) took a deeper look at the latest data on the strength of IP laws and the amount of innovative, creative output around…

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Top 10 CEOs Innovating the African Tech Industry

African Tech 10. Alpesh Patel, Oju Africa Created in 2012, Oju Africa is part of Mi-Group International and is the first African-centric Emoticon provider. Running the show is Apesh Patel who has set his sights high in trying to bring Apple on board to diversify its range of emoticons; the word ‘Oju’ literally meaning ‘faces’ in the Yoruba language from its native Nigeria. 9. Barbara Mallinson, Obami Voted as one of the top young people to take to lunch, Barbara Mallinson has been labelled as one of the most refreshing…

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