Dell anticipates increase in sales

Dell foresees a surge in sales as Work From Home and online learning become the new norm. Dell is a multinational IT company based in Texas, United States. It produces desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, and peripherals, storage solutions, virtualization and cloud services, and infrastructure. Dell Technologies anticipates current-quarter sales above market expectations. The Covid 19 pandemic shifted office work to remote work and online learning. This shift increased demand for the companies desktops and notebooks, helping it post a surprise rise in third-quarter revenue. The company said, on an earnings…

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Opinion: Factors that will likely shape ecommerce in the second half of 2020

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As we enter the second half of 2020, Dan Barker examines the key trends that are set to shape ecommerce, and how retailers can respond to them. The first half of 2020 has been eventful for ecommerce. Of course technical innovation has progressed: Shopify launched a marketplace, Google relaunched organic product listings, Facebook introduced ‘shops’, and thousands of other changes. But much of the first half of 2020 was shaped by a disease named after 2019. The effects of ‘SARS2’ on ecommerce are tough to overstate. Tens of thousands of…

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WhatsApp users will soon have a major update


Millions of phones will soon no longer support WhatsApp due to a major update with the popular messaging app. Older versions of Android and iOS devices will no longer be able to access the Facebook-owned app from 1 February, while certain Windows phones have already lost support. WhatsApp said the call was necessary in order to ensure the security of its users, who are advised to update to the most recent mobile operating system their smartphone supports. After 31 January, WhatsApp said “some features might stop functioning at any time” because it is no longer actively…

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2020 Cybersecurity trends for businesses


Cybersecurity is key in any business because cyber attacks are a daily occurrence and when an organization is breached, millions to even billions of dollars is lost due to lawsuits, fines and loss of revenues and regaining customer trust? Well, that could take years to build back…if ever. Because of this, I believe that one of the biggest trends to impact cybersecurity in the coming year is the growing importance for organizations to view cyber risk as a measure of business risk because cybersecurity is no longer just the responsibility…

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WhatsApp plans on blocking older phone users in 2020


The popular chat app has warned users with older phones that they will need to upgrade their handset to continue using the service and now we know the cut-off date and the models affected. The deadline for ageing Windows smartphone will be followed by blocks for i Phones running anything older than iOS 7 and Android devices with versions 2.3.7 installed. This iPhone and Android block will come into force from February 1, 2020. If you love WhatsApp and have any of the phones mentioned or have not updated your…

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Canva introduces Business friendly tools for 2020


Aussie-founded design tool Canva has launched a range of new features, including design kiosks, among its business friendly additions for its 20 million users worldwide. At its annual staff event dubbed the Canva Season Opener, Canva on Friday (6 December) unveiled several new products and tools through which it hopes to capture an even greater share of the design market for advertising and social media. Designed with the education sector in mind, but with obvious benefits for business as well, Canva will launch collaborative access to designs in 2020. Originating…

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