Sophia Bekele aka AddisHilton, gives The SCOOP on her story of Balancing Life & Work and how Change is Controversial


The SCOOP, features Sophia Bekele as an international entrepreneur, ICT activist and fondly referred to as “AddisHilton”.  

Her story depicts of a lady who found her niche in creating a balance between her work of narrowing the digital divide, challenging the status quo, and a life of leisure with global travel, exotic hobbies, and an upcoming book on Africa – certainly seem to have done a successful job of living life her way, as she says, “she has already lived a full life and wants now to lead by example and live for the next generation”    Click here or Image below to watch The Scoop 

Sophia Bekele on The SCOOP
Sophia Bekele on The SCOOP with Salim Amin of A24 Media Group – Photo: Screen Capture from Video

Salim Amin, a global renowned media personality, caught up with Sophia recently while she was in Kenya.

Sophia had made a great impact on her yes2dotAfrica” campaign and is confident of her talents and where is is going, yet humble with her idols and siblings.

Imagine, she spends her time between San Francisco, Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Mauritius to start with, and then jet-set globally.

She laughs with sharp outburst when Salim asked about her past juxtaposition careers of being an ICT Auditor and a Professional Model, including telling on how she dealt with rejection while pursuing both careers, which made her a stronger personality.  She says, I did not give in for being loved.  She also talks on being single, her amazing journey of  taking six (6) Around-the-World Trips and how she did it,  and how she enjoys to challenge the status quo as she goes through life and why she is successful at it, saying people need to understand that “change is controversial”.

The SCOOP is a unique Magazine-Style that celebrates growth and development across the continents. The program is produced by A4 Media Group and offers the only True Pan African news and features.

Salim Amin is the Founder and Chairman of A24 Media group, Kenya, Son of world-renowned photographer, cameraman and publisher, Mohamed “Mo” Amin.  He was also Executive Producer and Presenter, “Mo and Me”, a documentary chronicling his father’s life, which won 12 awards for best documentary in the US, Canada, India and Africa, including Grand Jury Award, New York International Film Festival.  He is a Fellow, African Leadership Initiative and Member, Aspen Global Leadership Network, in 2012, who was invited to President Obama’s Entrepreneurship Summit, Washington DC, and rated among 100 most influential Africans, and 50 Trailblazers Under 50 – A Future Made in Africa!

Sophia Bekele is the CEO of CBS International USA and Executive Director of DCA Trust.  She is considered a global technology and internet authority.  Sophia is also the founder of the widely acclaimed and successful “Yes2dotAfrica” global awareness campaign to re-brand Africa, the, and gender and youth-focused initiatives.   In 2014, She was named one of the “Top 20 Inspirational African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe” by ADIPWE,  in 2013 one of Top Two ICT  “African Women to Watch” by Bloomberg TV, and also early in 2013, one of  “50 African Trailblazers – a Future Made in Africa”  by the influential NewAfrican Magazine, based in UK.    More on Sophia at

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