ICT4D Digest #10 – ICT/Environment – a dual relationship

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A weekly digest of reflections and ICT4D-news. The author is Elias Rådelius, a ComDev student at Malmö University and intern at Sida’s dept. for ICT4D. Views expressed are Elias’ own. Read, interact, disagree and join in exploring this ever-changing and exciting field! @SidaICT4D, @eliasradelius

I was recently asked a question about how ICTs are used to tackle environmental challenges. You could say that it is sort of a trick question: the relationship between ICTs and the environment is two-faced. On the one hand, ICTs are causing a lot of damage to the environment with increased use of resources and electronic waste that is not properly handled, on the other hand, ICTs provide great tools to monitor, predict and mitigate negative impact on the environment

OECD has made recommendations on how to achieve green growth in respect to ICTs. Below, Graham Vickery outlines a few important points that need to be addressed, from life-cycle analysis and consumer use to measuring and evaluation.


Read more  here, Adapted from from storify.com

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